One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (2023)

The New World refers to the second half of the Grand Line in the One Piece world which is ruled by none other than the Four Emperors of the Sea. These seas are much more ferocious than the four Blues or even the Paradise part of the Grand Line. Even the most seasoned pirates can be crushed here and the rule of survival is to either oppose the Yonko or join them. A decent number of pirates have made a name for themselves in the New World already and we'll be going over the strongest of them.

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Updated on October 12th, 2021 by George Voutiritsas:The New World is a dangerous place, and it can easily destroy the dreams of ambitious pirates who overestimate their own strength. The Four Emperors are regarded as the strongest pirates in the New World, and aside from the Revolutionary Army, they are the Marines' greatest enemy. Many of the Emperors' commanders can be considered to be amongst the New World's strongest pirates as well, but certain members of the touted Worst Generation should also be on that list.


16 Urouge Managed To Defeat A Sweet Commander By Himself

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (1)

Urouge hails from a sky island, and he is the captain of the Mad Monk Pirates, but he is also a member of the "Worst Generation." He has made a name for himself in the New World, and he possesses a Devil Fruit which allows him to covert any damage he sustains into physical strength.

The Big Mom Pirates' Sweet Commanders are considered to be the crew's strongest members, and there used to be four of them. Urouge fought and defeated Charlotte Snack on his own, despite the fact that Snack possesses a bounty which is more than three times Urouge's.

15 Eustass Kid Is One Of The Strongest Members Of The Worst Generation

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (2)

Like Urouge, Eustass Kid is part of the "Worst Generation," and he is the captain of the Kid Pirates. His journey began in South Blue, and his notoriety grew because he and his crew left a lot of civilian casualties. His Devil Fruit allows him to manipulate magnetic forces, which is why he can attract and repel metal.

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Kid may not be one ofOne Piece's most wholesome characters, but he is certainly strong. He fought against Kaido and lived, and he fought Big Mom onOnigashima. He faced Shanks as well, which is why he lost his left arm. Only a truly strong pirate can claim that they fought three emperors and lived.

14 Edward Weevil Is Allegedly Whitebeard's Son

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (3)
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Weevil is the self-proclaimed son of Edward Newgate, the former Strongest Man in the world of One Piece. He is a tremendously powerful pirate whose strength is said to rival Whitebeard in his youth.

Weevil has already hunted down several allies of the Whitebeard Pirates already and earned himself a bounty of 480 million berries in the process. After the abolition of the Shichibukai system, Weevil will likely have an even higher bounty. Right now, he is looking for Monkey D. Luffy and Marco the Phoenix in order to fight them over Whitebeard's treasure.

13 Charlotte Cracker Is One Of Big Mom's Sweet Commanders

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (4)

Charlotte Cracker is Big Mom's 15th child, and he has amassed a bounty of 860 million berries. He is one of the Three Sweet Commanders, and he took Luffy to the absolute limit when they fought on Biscuits Island. He also defeated Urouge after the mad monk defeated his younger brother.

Cracker's Devil Fruit allows him to create and manipulate extremely durable biscuits. He can even create multiple biscuit soldiers. He is a skilled swordsman, and he was strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Luffy while he was using Gear Fourth.

12 Jack Decimated Zou On His Own

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (5)

Jack the Drought is one of Kaido's All-Stars, which means that he is one of the Beast Pirates' top commanders. Jack is a giant grouper fish-man who currently rules over Wano's Kuri region, and his actions have earned him a bounty of 1 billion berries.

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In terms of physical strength, Jack is incredibly powerful, and he possesses an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into a mammoth and human-mammoth hybrid. When Jack goes on a rampage, he is capable of decimating an entire island, which is exactly what happened when he went to Zou.

11 Queen Is A Cyborg With An Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (6)
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Queen is also one of Kaido's All-Stars, and he currently rules over Wano's Udon region. He is a gifted scientist who participated in the illegal MADS research project alongside Sanji's father, Caesar Clown, and the notorious Dr. Vegapunk.

Queen is considered to be the 3rd strongest member of the Beast Pirates, and thanks to his own body modifications, he is now a cyborg with a 1.32 billion berri bounty. Fans have seen some impressive Zoan transformations, and Queen possesses an Ancient Zoan power that allows him to transform into abrachiosaurus.

10 Benn Beckman Is Shanks' Right-Hand Man

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (7)

The right-hand man of Shanks and the Vice-Captain of the Red-Hair Pirates, Benn is a pirate who can even instill fear in the heart of a Navy Admiral. Although the extent of his abilities isn't known, Benn Beckman is definitely around the same level as King and could be stronger due to being a Vice-Captain.

He is respected throughout the New World and according to Brannew, he, along with the other commanders of the Red Hair Pirates, makes the crew impenetrable. This alone tells us a lot about how strong the members of the Red Hair Pirates are.

9 Other Than His Mother, Katakuri Is The Strongest Member Of The Bog Mom Pirates

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (8)

Charlotte Katakuri is Big Mom's No. 2 and a fierce pirate who knows no peers. He boasts a bounty of over a billion berries, although since he's not as barbaric as King, his isn't as high as him. Nonetheless, Katakuri is a phenomenal fighter, having been in multiple high-level fights which evolved his Observation Haki to a point where he could even see the future.

In his entire career as a pirate, Katakuri has only ever lost just one battle, against Monkey D. Luffy. Even that defeat is questionable as Katakuri was still superior in terms of strength, but lost the fight of willpower.

8 King Is The Second Strongest Member Of The Beast Pirates

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (9)

King, also known as King the Wildfire, is the right-hand man of Kaido and his strongest known subordinate to date. Little is known about King so far, but he's already established himself as one of the strongest on the seas.

His bounty surpasses the 1.3 billion berries mark, which means he's already much greater than a veteran pirate. When it comes to strength, King is second to none and he has fought against strong characters like Ashura Doji, or even Denjiro. His Pteranodon Devil Fruit makes him a force to be reckoned with.

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7 Marco Became The Leader Of The Whitebeard Pirates After The Legend's Death

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (10)

Also known as The Phoenix, Marco is the former First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates who, after the death of their Captain, led the crew for quite some time. Out of all the Commanders of the Yonko, it goes without saying that Marco is the strongest.

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He has eaten a Mythical Zoan type of the Devil Fruit, called the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Fushicho that allows him to turn his body into a Phoenix and grants him the power to heal from any injury. According to the Gorosei, he's rather special as he had the potential to defeat Blackbeard after the events of Marineford.

6 Luffy Is Considered To Be The Fifth Emperor Of The Sea

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (11)

The protagonist of One Piece, Luffy had evolved into a tremendous pirate over the years and went from someone unable to protect anything to the man known as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea. Luffy has earned himself a bounty of 1.5 billion berries, which is massive, no matter how you look at it.

After defeating Katakuri, Luffy has established himself as one of the strongest pirates in all the seas of the One Piece world. Furthermore, after his defeat to Kaido, Luffy had gotten even stronger by working on his Armament Haki skills, and he has now unlocked an advanced form of Conqueror's Haki.

5 Blackbeard Is An Emperor With Two Extremely Powerful Devil Fruits

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (12)

Marshall D. Teach, famous by the name of Blackbeard, is one of the greatest known pirates in the current age. He was once a member of the Second Division of Whitebeard, under Portgas D. Ace. However, he's come a long way since then and established himself as a mighty pirate.

Teach is one of the Yonko of the Sea currently in the One Piece world which makes him tremendously powerful. Furthermore, he wields two Devil Fruit powers, the strongest Paramecia and the strongest Logia, making him nigh unstoppable.

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4 Shanks Is An Emperor Who Served Under Gol D. Roger

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (13)

The Captain of the Red-Hair Pirates, Shanks is also one of the Four Emperors of the Sea and he joined their ranks six years ago. Back in the day, Shanks was an apprentice on Gol D. Roger's ship, which is where he learned how to fight against powerful opponents.

Even with one hand, Shanks was able to stop the Paramount War single-handedly, which shows how capable he truly is. He managed to steal the Gum-Gum Fruit from the World Government, and he has a mysterious relationship with the government's Five Elders. His true strength is unknown, however, Shanks is, undoubtedly, one of the strongest pirates inOne Piece.

3 Big Mom Is An Emperor & A Former Member Of The Rocks Pirates

2 One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (14)

Big Mom is the only female Emperor, and when she was younger, she was a member of the Rocks Pirates, who were once considered to be the most dangerous pirate crew in existence. Big Mom's strength knows no bounds. Unlike Kaido, she hasn't tasted any known defeats, nor has she ever been injured.

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At Onigashima, Big Mom fought Kaido for 12 hours while being in a weakened state and matched him easily. She may not be stronger than Kaido, but the two former crewmates do appear to at least be equals.

1 Kaido Is The Strongest Creature In The World

One Piece: 15 Strongest Pirates In The New World, Ranked (15)
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The Captain of the Beasts Pirates, Kaido is acharacter known as the "Strongest Creature in the World"by many. Land, sea, or air, they say Kaido is the strongest of them all. He possesses a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into a massive azure dragon, and his hybrid form is no laughing matter either.

Kaido is proficient in all forms of Haki, but he has mastered Conqueor's Haki to the point that he can imbue it into objects. This greatly increases the power of his physical attacks, and he can also use it to empower his Armament Haki.

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