Is Sho Kusakabe stronger than Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force? (2023)

Fire force is back and better than ever. The show balances its more serious, and action-filled parts with absolute humor and absurdity. After fighting the multiple core infernals, the series is set to follow a more serious route.

In the previous season, we saw Shinra finding out about his brother Sho’s existence and decided to bring him back.

We even saw a battle taking place between the two brothers. Who reigned supreme? Is Sho stronger than his older brother?


1. Is Sho stronger than Shinra? (Quick Answer)

2. What does Adolla mean?

I. What is Adolla Burst?

II. What is Adolla Link?

3. How strong is Shinra?

I. Strength Without Adolla Burst

II. Strength With Adolla Burst and Link

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A. Ignition Ability

B. Hand Signs

3. How strong is Sho?

I. Without Adolla Burst and Link

A. Ignition Ability

II. With Adolla Burst and Link

A. Severed Universe

B. What is “The Grace of the Evangelist”?

5. Who is stronger? – Verdict

6. About Fire Force

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1. Is Sho stronger than Shinra? (Quick Answer)

In all the fights we’ve seen between Sho and Shinra, Sho has always come out on top. One of the main reasons Sho is stronger than Shinra is that he has been bestowed with the Evangelist’s Grace.

Is Sho Kusakabe stronger than Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force? (1)

This acts as a cheat and allows him to access his Fourth Generation abilities to overpower Shinra easily.

If Grace is taken out of the question, then Shinra is stronger if not equal to Sho. However, if it is taken into account, Sho will reign supreme since Shinra will refuse to use the Evangelists’ power.

Note: To assess the powers and abilities of Kusakabe brothers aptly, I will first explain what is Adolla and Adolla Burst.

2. What does Adolla mean?

Adolla(アドラ), also referred to as “Hell (地獄) in another era,”isthe world from which theAdollaBurst originates. It is an alternate world from which the Adolla Burst originates.

Hallucinations caused by the Adolla Link shows Adolla as an endless landscape of blackened Earth and flames with burning human bones scattered around.

Is Sho Kusakabe stronger than Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force? (2)

Sho refers to this realm as another dimension that exists beyond the ordinary world. It is home to Doppelgangers, one of which seemingly exists for each human.

I. What is Adolla Burst?

The Adolla Burst or more commonly known as the Genesis Flame, are the flames that generate from Adolla itself. They were the flames that erupted around the world hundreds of years ago during the Great Disaster.

An Adolla Burst is regarded as the original flame, which is pure and unsullied. Within the scientific community, it is referred to as the Flames of Destruction.

Being from an alternate world, the Adolla Bursts do not adhere to the physical laws of Earth. They can produce powers that are considered impossible such as stopping or manipulating time.

II. What is Adolla Link?

The one unifying property of all Adolla Bursts is that since they originate from Adolla, they are connected to everyone who has a connection to that dimension. It is this link that is the source of the Adolla Link.

3. How strong is Shinra?

Shinra Kusakabe is the Third Generation and, by extension of the Grace, a Fourth Generation pyrokinetic. He also possesses the Adolla Burst, which makes him The Fourth Pillar.

Is Sho Kusakabe stronger than Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force? (3)

I. Strength Without Adolla Burst

He is a Fire Soldier under the Special Fire Force Company 8, and the main character of the series.

Even though he is new to the fire force, Shinra has posed a challenge to experienced members of the force and even defeated a Captain. Being a Fire Soldier, Shinra is experienced in rescuing people.

Shinra possesses exceptional eyesight, having been able to spot things that other members haven’t been able to see at long distances.

While relying mostly on his Ignition Ability in combat, Shinra has exhibited skill in ordinary fighting, being able to pin an opponent to the ground and break their guard with a kick. He is also quite capable of defending himself from other groundbreaking attacks.

II. Strength With Adolla Burst and Link

Having the Adolla Burst, Shinra can be temporarily empowered with the Grace of the Evangelist through forcing an Adolla Link to a person who originates from Adolla, or someone graced.

Under Grace, Shinra can enter a state of light speed, causing his body to split into subatomic particles in the process.

The particles then surpass the speed of light, allowing them to go a few seconds back in time to the point before Shinra’s body broke apart. As a result, Shinra’s body is re-materialized.

Doing so enables him to circumvent the laws of physics and allow him to travel at relativistic speeds without ending up dead.

Under such a state, Shinra could accumulate enough strength to defeat the Demon Infernal within moments. The connection with his Adolla Burst is strengthened according to the intensity of his desire.

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If we count his Adolla Burst empowered by the Grace, Shinra can easily outpower most captains and powerful characters. However, it is very unlikely that he will continue using this power given by the Evangelist.

Is Sho Kusakabe stronger than Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force? (4)

A. Ignition Ability

When he was just a child, Shinra awakened the ability of a Third Generation and gained the power to ignite, manipulate, and control flames from his feet.

While doing so, he leaves ashes on the floor in the shape of feet, known as the “Devil’s Footprints”.

Using this ability, together with his fighting style, Shinra has enough force to sever a limb or destroy an Infernal’s core. With his ignited feet, he can change his kicks’ trajectory in mid-air, allowing him to rush in with a multitude of kicks.

Shinra is noted to be extremely agile while fighting. His Ignition Ability allows him to rapidly fly or glide across the floor and jump continuously from platforms to outmaneuver an opponent before they can react.

As a Third Generation, he has shown to have resistance against external flames. During his fight with Burns in Fuchu Prison, Shinra’s footprints evolved further with bladed talons at the edges of his feet.

B. Hand Signs

Shinra was taught by Captain Benimaru how to use hand signs to redirect and concentrate his body’s energy.

This allows him to manipulate characteristics of the flames he produces from his Ignition Ability. The two hand signs he frequently uses are Tora Hishigi and Corna.

III. Is Shinra a devil?

Shinra Kusakabe himself is not a devil but has devilish characteristics. He has a problem where he can’t help but smile whenever he is sad or angry, also his pyrokinetic abilities allow him to generate fire from his feet leaving a charred footprint wherever he steps – hence the name ‘Devil’s Footprints.’

Shinra Kusakabe vs Self-aware Infernal | 60 FPS

3. How strong is Sho?

Sho Kusakabe is a Third Generation, and by extension of Grace, a Fourth Generation pyrokinetic. He is also Commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame.

He is the younger brother of Shinra Kusakabe, who was abducted by the White-Clad after he awoke Adolla Burst as a baby. Due to this, he became the Third Pillar.

I. Without Adolla Burst and Link

Sho is an extremely quick Third Generation pyrokinetic and skilled swordsman. He is capable enough of fighting Joker evenly with his katana.

While trying to avoid killing his opponent, he fights using his sword’s sheath to bludgeon them or consistently attack with the face of his blade.

A. Ignition Ability

Being a third-generation, Sho can use his Ignition Ability to create feathers out of the flame. He uses this ability in conjunction with his katana.

Is Sho Kusakabe stronger than Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force? (5)

However, he hasn’t actually been seen using it, and it would appear as if he prefers his Fourth Generation ability over his Third.

II. With Adolla Burst and Link

Like Shinra, Sho has the rare Ignition Ability Adolla Burst, and the Adolla Link. Due to the Evangelist’s Grace, he can use the Fourth Generation ability called Severed Universe, capable of slowing the flow of time.

A. Severed Universe

Severed Universe gives the illusion of extreme speed​​. Using it in conjunction with his katana, Sho is capable of defeating Shinra, Arthur Boyle, and Hibana with a single strike each.

The Severed Universe ability requires freezing the surrounding area to such a low temperature that it reduces the heat that causes the Universe’s natural expansion.

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This results in time passing more slowly for everything, the sole exception being Sho himself, who remains at normal speed.

The major flaw of this technique is it exposes his body to extreme cold and results in him beginning to freeze almost immediately. This is why Sho avoids using it for extended periods.

Another weakness is that time doesn’t actually freeze, it just slows down significantly; so if someone is fast enough, it doesn’t matter if time is moving more slowly.

The ability is also based on Sho having the Grace of the Evangelist. Once he loses the Evangelist’s blessing, he will be unable to use it.

B. What is “The Grace of the Evangelist”?

Those who possess the Adolla Link are capable of forming a link with the Evangelist and receiving something called Grace.

This is called “The Grace of the Evangelist.” When under Grace, people gain access to strange abilities that can enhance their Third Generation abilities to those of a Fourth Generation.

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If another user of the Adolla Link manages to form a link with somebody under Grace, they also gain a Fourth Generation ability.

However, The Evangelist seems to be able to revoke this Grace as she sees fit. This is demonstrated by Shinra when he links with Sho to get the Grace.

Despite the name, people other than the Evangelist have been able to bestow Grace, such as the black woman who granted Grace to Shinra, allowing him to defeat a Horned Infernal in a second.

5. Who is stronger? – Verdict

In all the fights we’ve seen happen between Sho and Shinra, Sho has always been portrayed as stronger than his older brother.

However, one of the main reasons Sho is stronger than Shinra is that he has been bestowed with the Evangelist’s Grace. This acts as a cheat and allows him to access his Fourth Generation abilities to overpower Shinra easily

Is Sho Kusakabe stronger than Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force? (6)

In fact, when Shinra was linked to Sho, he also received the Grace and was able to awaken his 4th Generation abilities. This was one of the few times he was equally matched, if not stronger than his younger brother.

According to this, If Grace is taken out of the question, then Shinra is stronger if not equal to Sho. However, if it is taken into account, Sho will reign supreme since Shinra will refuse to use the Evangelists’ power.

6. About Fire Force

In a world combating the Spontaneous Human Combustion phenomenon, there emerges the Fire Force company to protect its people and guide the lost ones.

This phenomenon causes people to combust in flames and become a creature of fire called Infernals.

Is Sho Kusakabe stronger than Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force? (7)

As evolution kicks in, humanity sees the growth of Second and Third Generation pyrokinetic users who help protect the world as they know it.

The anime follows Shinra Kusakabe, nicknamed as the ‘Devil’s Footprints’, who is haunted by his past – a tragic fire that kills his mother and brother.

Shinra joins Company 8 of the Fire Force in hopes of unlocking its mystery and, in turn, gets involved in deconstructing the grand conspiracy of his world.

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Is Sho Kusakabe stronger than Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force? ›

It was a tough call between the Kusakabe brothers on the list, but Shinra's abilities and overall bravery just pushed Sho to the fifth spot.

Did Shinra defeat sho? ›

Shinra defeats the doppelgänger but with the Eighth Pillar alight and the people of the nation despairing over the death of their 'saviour', Shō and the other pillars are instantly drawn into Adolla and disappear from the world.

Is sho kusakabe the strongest? ›

Despite being fourteen, Sho Kusakabe stands head and shoulders above his older brother Shinra when it comes to strength. Though it is usually by means of a cheat ability known as Grace, Sho can handle himself well even without it.

Is Shinra Kusakabe the strongest in Fire Force? ›

Shinra is also the fastest member of the squad, allowing him to fly once he gains enough speed, which is quite similar to what a Tokyo Ghoul character can do. But even though Shinra is the Fire Force's main protagonist, he isn't the strongest, since there's still one last member that can go toe to toe with Shinra.

Who is stronger benimaru or sho? ›

Kusakabe Sho

And people say that Benimaru is more powerful than Sho if we do not count the fact that Sho is not blessed by the Adolla.

Who beat up Shinra? ›

When Celty leaves, Shinra threatens Aoba with a scalpel saying that if Aoba ever tried anything that put Celty in danger then it wouldn't end well for him. Shortly after Aoba leaves, the apartment is attacked by Adabashi and his men who brutally torture Shinra for information on Celty.

Who can beat Shinra in Fire Force? ›

Shinra may be in his element, but Endeavor is even more so. Endeavor's flames are no doubt much hotter than Shinra's, and his strength, endurance, and experience are far superior to anything Shinra can offer.

Did Shinra become a god? ›

After performing soul resonance with the rest of his family, Shinra becomes the incarnation of the Saviour itself, Shinrabanshō-man.

Who is the strongest guy in Fire Force? ›

From destructive long-range projectiles to devastating others by unlocking his Hysterical Strength, Benimaru is capable of overwhelming his opponents with his arsenal of capabilities. He is considered to be the most powerful character in the series.

Who is stronger Shinra or arthur? ›

Arthur's swordsmanship is profound, and it allowed him to single-handedly subdue the berserk Shinra when he was controlled by an external force.

Who is Shinra Kusakabe's wife? ›

Saeko | Fire Force Wiki | Fandom.

Can benimaru beat Shinra? ›

Abilities. Benimaru is well-regarded as the strongest officer in the Special Fire Force, and is known as "Asakusa's King of Destruction" because of the devastating power he can unleash. He was able to completely overwhelm the combined might of Maki Oze, Shinra Kusakabe, Tamaki Kotatsu, Arthur Boyle, and Takehisa Hinawa ...

Who is more powerful Shinra or Goku? ›

If we are talking about Adollaburst Manga Shinra then no. But if your talking about Shinrabanshoman then yes he bodies Goku. He destroyed the Adolla a transcendent world which essentially contains all concepts plus he's too haxed.

Who is strongest Fire Force captain? ›

1 Benimaru Shinmon's Pyrokinetic Powers Are Immeasurable

He is a hybrid pyrokinetic, possessing both Second Generation and Third Generation abilities. That alone makes him one of the strongest characters in the series; however, there is more to Benimaru.

Who has the strongest Adolla burst? ›

1) The Evangelist

She is so powerful, a connection with her is the only thing those with an Adolla Burst need to obtain their fourth generation powers. The Evangelist is able to move freely between the Tear in Space, causing massive earthquakes when she does.

Can deku beat Shinra? ›

Shinra's maneuverability rivals Deku's full cowl, and his hysterical strength power-up makes his speed unsurpassed. However, this doesn't compare to Shinra's ability to move at the speed of light, which means that Deku has virtually no counter, even with danger sense and full speed.

Does Shinra Master Adolla burst? ›

Shinra again uses his Adolla Burst jump to light speed, causing his childhood memories to be shared with Sho.

Did Shinra lose his powers? ›

God then removes the powers of seven people; Shinra, Shō, Haumea, Inca, Iris, Nataku Son and Benimaru Shinmon. He explains they are too dangerous for this new era and that he has confiscated them.

Does Shinra become death? ›

Beginning of the New World. Death came into existence when Shinra Kusakabe recreated his world into one where life is less valued than death. Death was made to be the god of this new world and his first act was to confiscate the pyrokinetic powers, deeming it to be far too powerful for mankind to have.

Who is the traitor in Fire Force? ›

Rekka Hoshimiya is a major antagonist of Fire Force. He originally presented himself as a lieutenant of Special Fire Force Company 1 and a priest working at the Holy Sol Temple, but he later turns out to be an agent of the White-Clad, turning people into artificial Infernals and finding sources of the Adolla Burst.

Who wins Shinra or Natsu? ›

Shinra can actually go a light speed, which is faster than anything Natsu can do. and the impact force alone is just gonna kill him. so yeah, Shinra wins.

What is Shinra's final form? ›

The irony being that Shinra's ultimate heroic form is that of a red devil he denied being. Although the transformation and end result are radically different, the process of the Kusakabe family combining their abilities, Soul Resonance, is a very direct reference to the author's pervious manga Soul Eater.

What is Shinra's 4th generation ability? ›

Shinra Kusakabe can accelerate to the speed of light, causing his body to disintegrates into particles, the particles then surpass the speed of light, causing them to go a spit-second back in time to before Shinra's body broke apart, causing him to rematerialize.

Did Shinra create a universe? ›

The New World refers to the earth that was created long ago by Shinra Kusakabe, whom manifested this world with the power of the Adolla Burst from the Old World in which the New World is based on.

Is Shinra a 4th generation? ›

4) Fourth Generation Pyrokinetic

The Fourth Generation Pyrokinetic abilities can defy the very laws of physics. Sho Kusakabe can slow down time, and Shinra Kusakabe can accelerate to the speed of light.

Who is the main hero in Fire Force? ›

The newest recruit to the 8th Special Fire Brigade at the start of the story, Shinra Kusakabe is the main character of Fire Force. With an incredibly strong ability that releases fire from his feet, Shinra is a third-generation fire-user.

Who is leader 1 in Fire Force? ›

The Firefighter Type 1 leads a small group (usually not more than seven members) and is responsible for their safety on wildland and prescribed fire incidents. The FFT1 supervises resources at the FFT2 level and reports to a Single Resource Crew Boss or other assigned supervisor.

Can Joker beat Shinra? ›

Joker is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant, able to effortlessly dodge Shinra's fiery kicks as well as trade even blows with Leonard Burns.

Who is Shinra's rival? ›

Shinra's greatest rival is Arthur Boyle, a young man he grew up with in Haijima Industries. The two of them have often argued over what's better—a knight or a hero.

Is Shinra's brother evil? ›

Type of Villain

Shō Kusakabe, also known as the Third Pillar, is a major antagonist in Fire Force, and the younger brother of the main protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe. He is the Third Pillar and the former young commander of the White-Clad's Knights of the Ashen Flame.

Who is Shinra's daughter? ›

Mari Kusakabe | Fire Force Wiki | Fandom.

Is death the kid related to Shinra? ›

Fifteen years ago, Death created another fragment and second son: Death the Kid, in the image of Shinra Kusakabe, the boy who saved the world.

Who is benimaru's wife? ›

Momiji. Momiji is a Tengu and the daughter of Hakurou. She goes on to fall in love with Benimaru, becoming his wife and bearing his offspring before his awakening.

Is Shinra a God level? ›

No, he isn't outerversal. In his base form, he's planet level at best via scaling him narratively above Arthur's feat. Major manga spoilers incoming.

What tier is Shinra? ›

Shinra Kusakabe is a Second Class Fire Soldier of the Third Generation.

Who is the weakest captain in Fire Force? ›

The most decile captain in my opinion is Soushiro since he seems to me the strangest captain since he likes to be burned but that is due to an experience he had with an infernal in the world adolla and for some reason the flames excite him already your.?

Who is the strongest Guardian Fire Force? ›

  • Hibana.
  • Tōru Kishiri.

Who is stronger Shinra or asta? ›

Shinra definitely has the flight advantage with his fire but Asta has the close combat game on lock with being able to use both demon destroyer and demon dweller. Also Asta's endurance is way way higher than Shinra. He has way more stamina as well.

Can Shinra beat Bakugou? ›

Shinra has the edge though, since his body, unlike Bakugo's, is naturally resistant to heat and flames. Bakugo can launch himself into the air with his Quirk to try and gain an advantage, but Shinra, being an expert in aerial combat himself, can follow him up there.

Who can beat 100% Deku? ›

The power of Rimuru is immense, only topped by the likes of Milim the demon lord. Rimuru is not just stronger than Deku, but even Endeavor, My Hero Academia's current Number 1 Hero, would lose to him.

Who has the strongest fire quirk? ›

Yes, Shoto Todoroki from the popular manga and anime series, My Hero Academia, has the rare power of dual quirk, which allows him to use both fire and ice. His father, Endeavor, is a Pro-hero known to possess the strongest fire quirk, and Shoto inherited this ability.

What episode does Shinra beat sho? ›

Episode 22 | Fire Force Wiki | Fandom.

Does Shinra see SHO in Season 2? ›

Meanwhile, Shinra sees his mother, Sho and Hague's death through his Adolla Link.

Who is the wife of Shinra Kusakabe? ›

Saeko | Fire Force Wiki | Fandom.

Who is the main villain in Fire Force? ›

The Evangelist is the overarching antagonist of the 2015-2022 dark fantasy manga series Fire Force and its 2019 anime television series adaptation of the same name.

Who is sho and Shinra father? ›

In reality, Shinra and Sho had no father; however, Mari's parents heavily doubted this fact and rejected her. The flashback also showed Mari calling Shinra a “hero” in a serious manner, foreshadowing Shinra's future role in relation to humanity.

Does Shinra become a god? ›

After performing soul resonance with the rest of his family, Shinra becomes the incarnation of the Saviour itself, Shinrabanshō-man.

Why did death take Shinra's powers? ›

Death came into existence when Shinra Kusakabe recreated his world into one where life is less valued than death. Death was made to be the god of this new world and his first act was to confiscate the pyrokinetic powers, deeming it to be far too powerful for mankind to have.

How strong is Adolla? ›

The Adolla Burst is unimaginably powerful and can be used to bring both creation and destruction; Adolla Bursts were undeniably the cause of the Great Cataclysm, a worldwide supermassive wildfire that nearly destroyed everything. They have also been used to restore vibrant life and greenery to an otherwise barren land.

Who is Shinra's guardian? ›

Current Guardians
CharonHaumea, the Second PillarWhite-Clad
ArrowShō Kusakabe, the Third PillarWhite-Clad
Joker (Self-proclaimed)Shinra Kusakabe, the Fourth PillarHoly Sol's Shadow
Arthur BoyleSpecial Fire Force Company 8
2 more rows

Who is Shinra's love interest? ›

Iris. Shinra does sees Iris as a friend and someone to protect, as seen when he saved her when they first met before he joined company 8. He has shown to find her attractive as he has blushed when seeing her exposed during her purification ritual and when they went shopping.

Does Shinra marry Iris? ›

The demon is now the hero of this brand-new fun world. In the epilogue chapters, we can see Shinra hunting down Inca and cleaning up the mess she keeps making. At this time Shinra makes it clear that he has Iris, meaning that the two have finally gotten together.

Who is the son of Shinra? ›

Rufus Shinra is President Shinra's son, and the current vice president of the Shinra Electric Power Company in.

Who is the child of Shinra Kusakabe? ›

Mari Kusakabe
Mari Kusakabe Edit
Relative(s)Evangelist (Counterpart) Shinra Kusakabe (Son) Shō Kusakabe (Son)
Technical Info
TypeFirst Generation
Professional Status
8 more rows


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