12 Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball Super- Ranked From Weakest to Strongest (2023)

In order to sustain the power balance, each creation must be followed by an equal amount of destruction, and that rule applies to the anime worlds too. The Dragon Ball universe has overpowered beings called the Gods of Destruction or Hakaishins to take care of the destruction part. All it takes is a snap of their finger to cease a planet from existence.

Now, the Dragon Ball universe has always been known for crazy power levels, and the power graph spiked even harder ever since Beerus was introduced. Later, we got to know that Beerus isn’t the only God of Destruction. All twelve Universes have their very own God of Destruction. This revelation came up with an obvious question. Who is the strongest God of Destruction? Is it Beerus himself? Or someone else? We have ranked all the Gods of Destruction we have seen so far in the series.

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12. Arak (Universe 5)

Arak was relieved to know that his Universe isn’t taking part in the Tournament of power due to Universe 5’s high mortal ranking. This shows that he is cautious about his Universe’s safety. He was visibly disturbed on seeing Universe 9 and 10’s erasure.

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Arak is well aware that he isn’t the strongest of all the Gods of Destructions. He even hesitated a bit when he was called to fight against Iwan and Liquiir but still held his ground in the battle. Moreover, he was among the first Gods of Destruction to stand up when Goku mastered Ultra Instinct. This just shows how much he respects and values power.

11. Liquiir (Universe 8)

Much like Naruto’s nine-tailed fox, Liquiir is Dragon Ball universe’s overpowered fox demon. He initially has three tails which triple itself into nine when he resorts to Tain Energy Cannon Barrage. This special move is the reason why I have put him slightly above Arak. He was another God of Destruction who was exempted from the Tournament of Power for having high mortal rankings. Afterward, he went back to his universe to resume his duties.

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10. Iwan (Universe 1)

I am not so sure about being strongest, but Iwan is undoubtedly the cutest of all Gods of Destruction. Big black eyes, short body covered with hairs, pointy pink ears, Iwan looks like nothing but a soft toy. Now, don’t be deceived by his looks. He is a soft toy that can destroy solar systems like some’s child’s play.

Universe 1 was opted out of the Tournament for its high mortal rating. So, we haven’t seen much of his powers yet. In the battle royale of Gods of Destruction, he was whacked by Rummshi and Quitela quite easily. So he has to be one of the weak Hakaishins and is almost on par with Arak and Liquirr.

9. Geene (Universe 12)

Geene is still a mystery for most of us. Neither did he fight the Gods of Destruction and nor did his universe participate in the Tournament of power. He had the audacity to refuse Grand Priest’s proposal to fight against Iwan, Arak, and Liquiir. This can mean two things. Either he is so wise that he can predict the outcome, or he simply thinks that he would have easily won if he participated.

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Geene’s universe is one of the most progressive ones. They made time travel possible thousands of years ago, thereby changing the history of all other Universes. Maybe because he already has the technology to see the future, and that’s how he knew the outcome of the battles.

8. Sidra (Universe 9)

Having the lowest mortal rankings, Universe 9’s God of Destruction, Sidra, surely didn’t perform his duties well. He has this bad habit of messing up things and has angered the Grand Priest quite a few times. In his years of conquest, he hardly destroyed anything.

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He was so scared of Universe 7’s power that he gave his energy to an assassin to take Goku and Frieza down. Well, the plan failed as Frieza had no problem dealing with that energy ball. Coming to his powers, he is pretty good with his defensive barriers. One of them even nullified Beerus’ Hakai in the battle royale of Gods of Destruction. (manga)

7. Heles (Universe 2)

Heles is the only female God of Destruction we have seen in the series so far. It’s normal for a God Of Destruction to be narcissistic and be full of themself. But Heles takes that to a whole new level. She is highly obsessed with her own beauty and can spend hours looking in the mirror.

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She looks like an Egyptian goddess and uses a bow and an arrow as her weapons. In the battle royale of Gods of Destruction, she almost killed Liquiir when she caught him off guard.

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6. Mosco/Mule (Universe 3)

Mosco refers to the huge and bulky robot that Mule, Universe 3’s God of Destruction, controls from inside. Despite being just a robot, it’s quite impressive when it comes to durability. He even managed to pin Beerus for a while in the battle royale of Gods of Destruction.

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Mule’s intelligence surpasses that of any other creature, and he only relies on beep sounds to communicate. His mentor, Camparri, translates every word he speaks. His endurance is spot on, and he took considerable damage from Champa, Rumsshi, and Quitela before giving up.

5. Champa (Universe 6)

Being Beerus’ twin brother, Champa is automatically stronger than most other Gods of Destruction. If it wasn’t for his lousy lifestyle, he could have been a lot higher on the list. He is almost on par with Beerus in terms of raw strength but lags behind in the intelligence and sharpness of the techniques.

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Once upon a time, Champa fought Beerus over a berry on their birthday cake. They ended up destroying so many planets in the process that they risked the existence of the universe.

4. Quitela (Universe 4)

Like Beerus and Chapma, Quitela too lives a lazy life and doesn’t pay much heed to his duties. Like many other Gods of Destruction, he has a heavy grudge on Beerus and went as far as spying on his Universe. That’s something even Champa wouldn’t have done.

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Nothing like the cute mouses we have seen in American cartoons, Quitela is cunning. He can resort to unparliamentary methods to reach the top of the Tournament. He manipulated Sidra to take down Universe 7’s strongest fighters just before the Tournament.

3. Rumsshi (Universe 10)

It’s no secret that Rummshi’s character design is somewhat inspired by the Hindu deity, Ganesha. He relies on sheer strength to crush his opponent but refrains from destroying planets. Whis revealed that Rummshi has the strongest lungs in the multiverse. With his special technique, Battle Roar, he can paralyze the motor nerves of his opponent.

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2. Belmod (Universe 11)

Belmod is certainly one of the strongest God of Destruction. Why won’t he be? He already trained two candidates who are on par with (or above) the power level of the Gods of Destruction. This shows that the acres about his Universe’s future, and he wants to polish the next Hakaishin before handing over the responsibilities.

12 Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball Super- Ranked From Weakest to Strongest (11)


Unlike Beerus, who is furious at the thought of Goku surpassing him someday, Belmod is okay accepting Jiren to be stronger than him. The reason I kept him in the second is, he has the tendency of running away from a fight. For example, in the battle royale of Gods of Destruction, he pretended to be injured just to avoid a face-off with Beerus. This shows he wasn’t confident about defeating Beerus.

1. Beerus (Universe 7)

There’s no way you didn’t see this coming. Beerus is certainly the most powerful God of Destruction. In the manga, he took on 10 other Gods of Destruction single-handedly after unleashing his ultra instinct. In the All Universe Hide and Seek Tournament held by Zeno, Beerus fell asleep for years. This angered Zeno, and he became so furious that he was about to destroy all the Universes. So naturally, most other Hakaishins hate him for being so casual, but yet they think twice before challenging Beerus.

12 Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball Super- Ranked From Weakest to Strongest (12)


Apart from his Ultra Instinct, he can channel his Destruction powers into a flashy transformation. He taught this technique to Vegeta, and he came up with his Ultra Ego transformation that is on par with Goku’s Ultra Instinct. What if Beerus has used this transformation for himself? His power level would have certainly been off the charts.

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